Alsara the Dragonsbane

Human fighter from Vel'Rai


“A half-orcish longsword in each hand did wield
the tough-as-nails soldier who needed no shield
a flurry of armor and fury and steel
did bring every foe of Alsara to heel.

At first not a hero, no arm for the weak
for closure and vengeance was all she did seek.
She hunted down Ulric, betrayer and freak
the slayer of half-orcs defenseless and weak

Thus Ulric did fall to Alsara’s twin blades
and after sweet vengeance was finally paid
the real threat in Har’lith before her was laid
Alsara chose valor, the dragon she slayed."
– from “Harilith’s Bane” by Damia


Alsara the Dragonsbane

Tales of Nortia: The Second Age of Dragons JPhoenix19