Ardemus Stark

Human gun-wielding Eldritch Knight


Before you is an unassuming human with white hair and blue eyes gazing through a pair of spectacles resting atop a long nose. His clothing clearly betrays his station as a noble. A dark blue mantle with silver embroidery and large lapels clasped with a silver chain drapes his shoulders and back. On his breastplate is the crest of a griffon clasping a white flag over a blue field- the heraldry of the house of Stark.


One of the brightest human intellects finds itself within the mind of one Ardemus Stark, the sole inheritor of his family’s noble estate in Wesgaard. It is said that he is the only living member of the Starks, having lost his mother to illness at a young age and his father much later. He is known to mistrust the Avari, for it was in their Dominion that his father was murdered by a drow.

Ardemus has made a name for himself as a scientist and inventor- a far departure from his late father’s political legacy as an ambassador. Most notable is his work in the science and application of black power- a field of which he is an expert in Nortia. He is seen as a pariah among the Wesgaardian nobility for not taking his upper-class station more seriously, but no one questions his loyalty to his country since he actively supports the Royal Confederacy.

Ardemus Stark

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