Bastion Soray Leras

Human Paladin, Leader of the Knights of the Flame


“I’ve seen Bastion Soray draw her blade- it’s not ceremonial at all, but quite functional. A foolish mage had summoned a demon and though he could keep it a secret. It’s hard to keep an incubus who drains the life of other initiates a secret- anyway, I happened to be there when she confronted the demon. Her eyes flared with holy power, and the room brightened as she became wreathed in flame. She drew the sword, and the fire surrounding her coalesced onto the blade. In one swipe the demon was gone- just gone!

It was a glorious sight to see. I hope I never have to see it again." – A paladin initiate

Bastion Soray leads the Knights of the Flame- a sect of the Church of Seregwyne with the training and authorization to take martial action against serious threats to the church and the well-being of Nortia’s people. Soray is said to have fought in the Orc war, as well as other conflicts such as vampires, undead, or where demonic influence rears its head.

Bastion Soray Leras

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