Captain Zhevir

Human monk/fighter and airship captain.


The man before you has an unnerving presence. A silver, featureless mask covers his entire face and meets the hood of his fine silk shirt. In fact, it’s clear to notice that his eloquently-designed regalia leaves absolutely none of his skin exposed. The silver breatplate, pauldron, gauntlets, and greaves adorning his clothes look more ceremonial than functional.

Yet despite the formal regality of his dress, his silence gives an air of menace- as if at any moment this masked man is ready to bring to bear the two short swords strapped to his back.


A mysterious smuggler and pirate from a distant land, little is actually known about Zhevir aside from his reputation. Feared by many a ship captain, the rumors are that Zhevir’s ship comes sailing in from the sky, laying waste to any vessel that gets in his way.

Captain Zhevir

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