Dante the Vaultbreaker

Drow Rogue from the Avari Dominion


“Arriving in port with no wealth to his name,
was Dante, the dark elf who came here in chains.
None could have guessed that the heights of his fame
would far surpass all of his tormentor’s shame.

Far from content with the prisoner’s lot,
he set to undo what his past actions wrought.
Deftly did he forge ahead with no thought,
with luck and with skill Dante never was caught.

Hungry for glory and riches galore,
Dante robbed Nelford’s impossible store
With anger and hatred ole’ Har’lith did roar
but wasn’t a match for his rapier’s bore."
– from “Harilith’s Bane” by Damia


Dante the Vaultbreaker

Tales of Nortia: The Second Age of Dragons JPhoenix19