Delmirev Targunn

Red Dragonborn sorcerer from Desrada


Targunn was born to the Delmirev clan of dragonborn, a proudly evil clan with only one concrete rule: never kill a fellow clan member. Anyone else was fair game- in fact the clan celebrated the merciless slaughter of anyone and anything that got in their way. From an early age, Targunn knew that this was not the life for him. He was fine with killing legitimate threats to the clan- but not for sport.

One day Targunn’s brother Xagarr was overcome by greed and blamed the murder of a clan member on Targunn. The clan quickly decided to execute Targunn, who found out about this and ran as far and as fast as he could. He was running for days with the clan slowly gaining ground on him. On the fifth day the clan had caught up to him. As they closed in to within striking distance he thought “If only I could just disappear!” In desperation he found his mind fixed on the urge to escape. He then felt a strange tingling course over his skin and scales, and it was when he opened his eyes and looked down he realized that he was completely invisible. At that moment Targunn realized why he was so different than everyone else- he had inherited sorcerous power.

Delmirev Targunn

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