Grislow Ironclad

Dwarf Wizard of incredible power and leader of the Wayfinders


“Though I’ve seen Grislow many times around the Solemn Towers, I’ve only personally dealt with him once. It was just after the Towers were besieged and he was on a witch hunt trying to root out spies. I was brought into some kind of interrogation room- it was empty save Grislow himself. He stood there, silent, gazing at me. After a few moments I became aware of a magical force probing my mind. His gaze on me intensified, and I felt his force of will overcoming my own. All my thoughts were brought to bear before him, and I sensed him sifting through my thoughts, desires, and memories for any sign of treachery.

After several uncomfortable minutes of him wordlessly digging through my mind, he waved his hand and I felt the arcane force subside and release. ‘Go, I’ve found you innocent’.

I’ve had enough arcane instruction to know that I could not have resisted this man, no matter how hard I tried. Nor could I have escaped the interrogation room- which I sensed was not on the material plane. Walking out of the interrogation room I felt a pit in my stomach as I imagined what might lay in store for any spies he managed to find." – A Wayfinder and Arcane Academy student


Intense, impatient, and direct, Grislow is a rough person to deal with even on the best of days. Hundreds of years of dealing with Nortia’s threats have hardened him and eroded whatever manners he may have had. His decisiveness, effective leadership, and commanding presence earned him the seat of leadership of the Wayfinders when its former leader returned to the Shimmering Country.

Grislow Ironclad

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