Red dragon and former leader of the Cult of the Crimson Scale


“She fought the heroes, never fled
and stole their essence as they bled
with fur’ious wrath, the cult she led
those that pray to scales of red

But Dante’s wit, Alsara’s blade
stopped the dragon, plans forbade
and at long last she was no more
as Har’lith’s head fell to the floor"
– from “Harilith’s Bane” by Damia

Harilith had led the Cult of the Crimson Scale, which is believed to have been based in Vel’Rai. She is thought to have engineered the attack on Edrain, as well as the fiasco during the reenactment of the Battle of Thunder Branch Hill in Hjorninholm’s arena. She is directly responsible for the partial destruction of Madale.

She was slain by Alsara the Dragonsbane and Dante the Vaultbreaker along with their companions in a long abandoned temple to Doviljnir at the base of Mt. Valdov- her plans to resurrect the ancient dragon Doviljnir stopped.



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