Huntsmaster Logeras

Wood Elf Ranger, Spokesman for the Green Coven


“I was on a patrol near the southern edge of the Fey Wilds when my company and I were ambushed by a band of orcs. We were in the thick of battle when arrows came flying at the orcs from the treeline. Assuming reinforcements came, I looked back but saw not a soul. After the last orc fell I noticed they were crossbow bolts, not arrows- and there were a lot of them. Just as I was about to chock it up to a ghost, an aged Elf with a weathered look about him emerged from the trees and began plucking the crossbow bolts from the dead orcs. None of us uttered a word as he silently retrieved his bolts, and he never so much as glanced at us.

It wasn’t until he and his wolf began to walk away that I realized those orcs were a minor inconvenience for him. That man, whoever he was, saved my life- but didn’t give a shit about me." – A retired officer and veteran of the Orc war

Logeras is often mistaken for the Green Coven’s leader, but he is actually more of a liaison between the Coven and the civilized world. He’s rumored to be as old as the forests he guards since several generations of kings and rulers in Nortia have recorded being visited by him. Such visits are always considered a bad sign- a warning that some threat is near, one that necessitates his contact with civilization.

Huntsmaster Logeras

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