Albino Drow Rogue from Razor Bay


A pariah even among the unpopular drow, you might mistake Lasciel for an elderly high elf at first glance. Yet those familiar with the Avari Dominion and the dark elves who inhabit it know her white hair and pale skin make her an albino drow. The cause of the mutation is not known, but her dark-complected kin shun Lasciel and any albino drow like her.

Growing up in the Avari Dominion, Lasciel spent her early years in one of the Avari’s many noble houses- it was a house of open doors and closed hearts. She enjoyed lush furnishings and wanted for little- save perhaps the genuine love and attention of a functional family. Lasciel’s mother offered no such succor, focusing instead on navigating the dangers of Avari mageocratic politics. She was an accomplished mage- something Lasciel picked up shreds of, but a terrible mother by Nortian standards. It was Lasciel’s father who kept the young drow from losing her mind. He encouraged her to find her own way, and not to simply accept what society set before her. When Lasciel was old enough, she took her father’s advice.

What happened between when she left the Avari Dominion and when she began traveling with the adventuring group she’s with now is a story Lasciel keeps to herself. The stories others tell of her say she is slow to speak and quick to observe, and deadly efficient with an agile blade.


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