Admiral Maelstrom

Water Genasi arcane trickster and representative of Blacktide Company


“Her tears are the rain
the thunder- her heart
brave not the Maelstrom
you’ll be torn apart”
– from “Ballad of Storms” by Vinnie Geck


Least trusted of the council, Maelstrom represents the Blacktide Company- a guild of merchants rumored to have dubious and inscrutable aims. Despite the hushed whispers concerning her guild, Maelstrom herself exhibits all of the features and personality of an experienced merchant fleet admiral- a shrewdness in business and a presence that commands respect. She leveraged heavily the intelligence gathered by her guildsmates in Vel’Rai about the Cult in order to gain a seat on the Council of Wesgaard. While she expresses concern about how the Cult will affect the economy, most assume her real intentions for being involved in the council are much less noble.

Admiral Maelstrom

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