Half-elf Sorcerer/Warlock


“It’s a long story…”


James’s story is a sad one, even if he doesn’t know all of it. His childhood was mostly spent under the care of Bertha, a “salt wife”, who took pity on him and cared for him. James lost his parents at a young age when they were set upon by pirates. And pirates don’t typically like small children. Before they could toss him overboard the salt mother stopped them, saying she could make use of him. Most likely thinking to sell the elf child at some slave market later, they granted the salt mother’s request. It wasn’t until later that the pirates realized that James was only half elf, and thus they thought he wasn’t worth as much on the slave markets. Pirates aren’t always the brightest.

One day, during an attack on a merchant vessel, James ended up saving his own skin from danger by using a bit of magic. Seeing this happen, the captain knew he had a new weapon and was determined to keep it. James hated the pirate life and the things he had to do to survive. He was determined to escape the ship and it’s captain- and as fate would have it, one day he would.

During a port call at Dalmere, there was a tournament by the docks. Thanks to some drunken antics of the crew and excitement over the tournament James got the chance he had been waiting for and quietly escaped. He headed toward what appeared to be a less than savory tavern, seeking to find some way out of the city before his captors knew he was gone. As he walked around the back alley, he noticed a well dressed human male that he assumed was some noble. He remembered seeing this man with a group of adventures returning from the docks looking somewhat forlorn. Right after seeing him, there was a bright flash from his hand and then nothing… he was gone. Nothing was left but a small gem laying on the ground. So, curious as he is, James went and picked it up. Suddenly he felt different. Looking down he saw his clothes appeared different. They looked just like what the man was wearing. Seeing his reflection in a puddle he noticed that it wasn’t just his clothes but his face had changed as well. Dropping the gem made everything change back. But this was it! This was the chance he had been praying for.

James found the group the man had been with and played the part of their companion. It was quickly apparent that the group had not been together long and did not know enough about the dead man to realize he had been replaced. Not being able to be himself and find out answers of his own past was a small price to pay. This was the most freedom James had ever had. He will keep up this act for as long as he can and we will see what becomes of him.


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