Schala Ton Efia

Halfling druid from the Fey Wilds


The first thing about this child-sized lady that catches your attention is a huge genuine smile. Braided strands adorn her brown hair of belt-line length- all of it pulled back with a green bandana. She wears an outfit clearly designed for a human child: a loose-fitting, off-white tunic under a dark green simple doublet and light green leggings tucked into her light brown boots just below her knees. She carries a quarterstaff and a violin, an odd combination for someone claiming to be a Green Coven forest guardian.


An exuberant bundle of energy, most are perplexed when Schala is introduced as a druid of the Green Coven- an organization who’s members have the stereotype of stoic and secretive guardians of nature. She seems more interested in experiencing the pleasures of civilization based on her wide-eyed excitement of being in Wesgaard for the first time. Nevertheless, she is first to volunteer to aid the task force on their missions against the Cult. And just as she seems eager to see the world, the world is eager to see her, as the Green Coven rarely involve themselves in the outside world- a reputation Schala seems to care little about.

Schala Ton Efia

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