Shaye Maltigram

Half-elf sorcerer/warlock from Amar


At first glance you’d think the somewhat petite mage before you was human, her dirty blonde hair pulled back and stopping at her lower back. But pointed ears betray the heritage of a young woman touched with the grace and features of wood elves. Her big eyes have a blueish green hue, and the shape of her brow and cheeks possess the telltale near-supernatural beauty of those with fey in their blood.

She wears a shirt of glimmering chain mail bearing the colors of Amar over a utilitarian traveler’s garb- A light green tunic and tight dark green breeches that tuck into her high boots at the thighs. Slung across her back is a long sword, but she carries no other weapons.


Representing the Wayfinders, Shaye comes highly recommended as a gifted mage from the arcane academy in Amar. Most notable are the rumors that she was able to revive a slain comrade without entreating the aid of a deity- baffling arcane researchers who long thought that such power was available only to the practitioners of divine magic.

Shaye Maltigram

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